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About Our Project

Château des Quat'Sos has recently undergone renovation thanks to the vital assistance of the heritage mission. The restoration work was overseen by experts in architectural heritage, ensuring that the renovation was carried out in compliance with the law while guaranteeing safety and comfort for visitors.

The Restoration of La Thomasse

This cylindrical stone tower dates back to the 13th century and features a unique architecture compared to other defensive towers of the time. It stands about thirty meters tall and is built with finely cut stones, with original openings in the form of arrow slits.


The Tower of La Thomasse has been restored in recent years, preserving this historical relic and opening it to the public for guided tours.


Today, this tower has become an essential tourist destination to discover the history of the castle and the town of La Réole.


Adventure and Experience

Upon entering the fortress, visitors are immersed in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, with its stone walls, spiral staircases, and arrow slit openings.


During the tour, the guide will explain the history and architecture of Quat'Sos, as well as its key role during the Hundred Years' War.

Safety is a Priority

Our route strictly follows the regulations for public access establishments (ERP), adhering to safety and accessibility standards required by law.

To ensure the safety of visitors, we have installed equipment such as ramps, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and emergency exits in compliance with current regulations.


Gallery of Quat'Sos

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